Agricultural Solar Solutions

Agriculture solar power has become a preferred method of energy supply and farmers are starting to invest in cost-saving and sustainable technology that is practical and environmentally friendly.  Solar power is used to generate electricity, pump and heat water to fulfil many useful functions throughout a farm.

The amount of energy from the sun that reaches the Earth each day is absolutely enormous. All the energy stored in the world’s reserves of oil, coal and natural gases is matched to the energy of just 20 days of sunshine. Because of this, it is easy to understand why solar energy farms are becoming more and more popular around the world.


It is environmentally friendly, reduction of water usage, low maintenance, simple and reliable. Protect your farm against foreseeable increases in utility prices with solar energy.



Advantages of solar power for farming is that it allows farmers to save on constantly rising energy costs of running a farm, farmers also stop relying so heavily on depleting resources like fossil fuels, which is costly and harmful to the environment.


Whether it is a fountain feature or a borehole, small or big, we have it all, solar water solutions for your every need.